NA Architects Team
Milan, Italy, NA Architects Team at Arclab Studio; Working on Tornabuoni Project
NA Architects Studio
Tornabuoni boutique, Final Quality Assessment
Undergoing construction project; at NA Architects built-space is a fruit of tight collaboration of design and construction teams.

About NA Architects

NA Architects (Naimi & Abtahi Architects), was established in 1986, the company has designed and constructed typologically, diverse projects through decades of experience. At NA Architects built-space is the product of a technical-artful process, which defines the space and guaranties it’s design and construction qualities. Based on our experiences and continual rethinking, we try to find new solutions for each given situation. A scenery tries to be drawn through the process of studying contextual, cultural, and social factors. The response tries to be innovative and experimental, regarding our professional associates’ ideas and our clients’ demands and views.

NA Architects has initiated a tight collaboration with ARCLAB Architecture Studio based in Milan, Italy. Regarding the collaboration of the two studios, Fabrizio Nafesti as one of the founding partners of ARCLAB inscribes as follows:

Arclab company has been operative in Teheran for more than 10 years, with the work of architectural design dedicated mostly on the Concept phase. Thanks to this long experience we had a great opportunity to meet the architectural studio NA and establish a growing collaboration which led us to work together on various prestigious projects in Teheran and Italy. The way we see it,  on the territory of such an eminent studio as NA architects.

Arch. Fabrizio Nafesti