Our Team

Ahmad Naimi

Founding Partner

Ahmad Naimi, a graduate of Faculty of Fine Arts of Tehran University, is the head of construction department and construction adviser of NA Architects, where projects are evolved through tight collaboration of the construction and design teams, sharing their technical and professional point of views. From 1984, Ahmad has lead over 30 construction projects, typologically residential, office, commercial, interior and industrial projects.

Soroor Abtahi

Founding Partner

Soroor Abtahi is one of the founding partners at NA Architects, and has been chief architect of design department of NA Architects. Soroor, a graduate of Faculty of Fine Arts of Tehran University in 1977, was technical manager of engineering department of Maskan Bank from 1978 to 2004 and has conducted projects design and performed supervision of numerous projects at Maskan Bank’s Construction Department.

Through over three decades of experience at NA Architects, she has lead design and supervised construction of numerous residential, office, commercial and industrial projects.

Aidin Naimi


Aidin Naimi a graduate of the master of architecture from Politecnico di Milano University (in Italy), has accomplished an exchange program at SPSU (South Polytechnic State University) in Atlanta, U.S.A. His professional experience includes his career at AS.Architecture-Studio in Paris, France.  Aidin has accomplished a number of architecture workshops at IWB (Institute Without Boundaries), in Toronto (Canada), at the University of San Cugat, in Barcelona (Spain), at ANCB Institute in Berlin (Germany), at Malta’s Architecture University and MIAW (Milan International Architectural Workshop) in Milan (Italy). Some of the projects Aidin has been involved in has been published in Italy and Spain.

Dinara Shakiba

Senior Architect

Dinara Shakiba is a graduate of master of architecture from Politecnico di Milano University (Polimi), Leonardo da Vinci Campus (in Italy). In Amsterdam Dinara gained experience working at VMX architects, and achieved diverse experience attending different international workshops; ANCB (The Aedes Metropolitan Laboratory) workshop in Berline (Germany), MIAW (Milano International Architecture Workshop) in Milan (Italy) and workshop at University of Malta.

Kiumars Abbasnejad

Kiumars Abbasnejad

Construction Supervisor

Kiumars with over a decade of experience at NA Architects is the construction supervisor at NA Architects.

Sanam Abaei

Architect-Interior Design Project Manager

Sanam Abaei is a graduate of master of architecture-interior design from Politecnico di Milano University, Bovisa Campus, in Milan. Sanam’s professional experience includes her career at Elena Martucci architecture studio, based in Milan. Parallel to her career at NA Archietcts, Sanam works as design coordinator of Miniatour Industrial Group company, on the collaborative projects with the known Italian companys; Ernestomeda and Rimadesio.

Alireza Ghafouri

Alireza Ghafouri


Alireza is a graduate of master of architecture (post-disaster reconstruction with sustainability approach) from Shahid Beheshti University, in Tehran.

Mohammad Alirezai Tehrani


Mohammad is a graduate of Tehran Azad University, and has accomplished interior design program at Iranian-German TUV Academy.

Yasaman Alijani

Administrative Coordinator

Yasaman is a graduate of biology from Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran, she works as administrative coordinator at NA Architects.

Construction Team

NA Architects consists of architecture and construction departments, working in tight collaboration. Design and construction process demands number of individual professionals and teams working together and striving as a single entity, following the same leadership in order to plan, design and build.

Through such process different people are involved; working as a team, sharing their specific expertise in order to achieve the common goal. At NA Architects, in such process, no one’s role is underestimated.

Construction Team